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GASS Vs Grinding


Not only does Georgia Safe Sidewalks help you comply with the ADA and avoid liabilities associated with trip and fall injuries.  We also guarantee work far superior to and less costly than conventional methods.


Concrete grinders and scabblers, while commercially available and less expensive than replacement or filling, are more costly than the Georgia Safe Sidewalks method.  Grinders are also unable to reach the edges of the sidewalk or grind the sidewalk level with the next concrete panel, so the trip hazard often remains.


Georgia Safe Sidewalks reaches the edges of every sidewalk, we can remove trip hazards from virtually any angle and at any location.  Trip hazards caused by cracked concrete or located in hard-to-reach places such as in gutters or adjacent to a wall will be eliminated without any damage to nearby impediments.  Our method takes very little time, with few inconveniences to people using the walkway.  The result is a safe, clean-cut walking path provided at a lower cost than any other method.


Grinders and scarifiers are machines that were designed and constructed for road and highway construction and maintenance.  Anybody can go rent one at an industrial supply house and beat up their sidewalks.  The method used by Georgia Safe Sidewalks is the only process specifically designed for the removal of trip & fall hazards from sidewalks.  Georgia Safe Sidewalks is part of the only national organization focused on trip & fall hazard remediation.  Nobody understands uneven sidewalk repair like Georgia Safe Sidewalks and its affiliates.


GASS vs Grinding
Removes entire trip hazard vs Frequently leaves trip hazard
Fast.  Removes ~80 trip hazards/day with a 2-man crew vs Slowl  ~ 20 trip hazards/day with a 3-man crew
ADA compliance guaranteed vs ADA compliance questionable if not impossible
Much better quality.  Professional appearance. vs Poor quality.  Ugly finished product.
No contact with surrounding slabs vs Scars opposite slab
$30-$50/trip hazard vs $50-$72/trip hazard





“Nobody that truly cares about the appearance of their property will allow anybody to tear up their sidewalks with a grinder.”  Georgia Safe Sidewalk's Customer

Bad Grind Example
Example of a grind repair.
A.  Did not reach the edge of the sidewalk
B.  Marred the opposing sidewalk slab
C.  Trip Hazard remains and not ADA Compliant

Close up of grind repair showing panels are not level. 
Repair did not remove hazard nor is it ADA Compliant.


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